Best. Motto. Ever.

Best. Motto. Ever.
You'll hear me repeat it until my dying day: "BARE FEET = HAPPY LIFE!" ...It's THAT simple!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tales of the Ticklish 20: Tickle the Kids! Before They Sneak-Attack!"


Ruby tickles her lil' Cole's
sleeping bare foot, and does this
ALL the time! :)

     It is one of the funniest aspects of a barefoot life: "tickling ticklish feet"! I don't think there's many more fun things in life, that cause as much as happy laughter, as tickling or being tickled! Here we are, in the 20th installment of "Tales of the Ticklish", and I still love writing about the cuteness & unbridled humor of it! I know some people hate it (probably because they are control freaks, whereas I am secure enough in myself to give up control, especially for joyful laughter's sake), but for me, personally, how in the hell could you ever hate laughing, or ever hate making someone else laugh?! I mean, even zoo monkeys and gorillas love it, so, really, relax & take a cue from our, "smarter than we think they are", primate ancestors on what's fun in life!
Instagrammer's feet tickled,
and no spilled wine! That's
a pro right there!!
     What I find even more amusing & hilarious, regarding tickling, is just how much our kids absolutely love tickling the grown-ups! I mean, we, as "adults" all love tickling our kids, tickling their toes when they're sticking out from under blankets, to wake 'em for school, poking their ribs, tickling their feet when they plop 'em up on your lap, hearing that wonderful laughter spill out as they scream, "I can't breathe!", so you stop (so that they don't choke or get hurt).. But then, five seconds later, they are telling you, "More! I betcha' can't make me laugh again!".. However, if those same giggling kids find out that YOU'RE ticklish, look out! Somewhere in their wonderful, beautiful little brains, they instantly love the power to make the big grown-ups all laugh, and, like a sugar fix, once they get a taste of the fun of tickling the ticklish, they just. Don't. Freakin'. Ever. Stop! ..Hah, my friends' kids absolutely love that my bare feet are so ticklish, and since I'm always barefoot over their various houses, they are always trying to jump on my legs to pin down my feet, launching tickle sneak-attacks whenever they can. Or, my favorite, when I'm sitting at the dining room table, either having dinner or coffee with my friends (their parents), and, out of nowhere, I laugh out loud, and uncontrollably flinch massively, because little fingers are tickling my bare feet, and I peer under the table to see that the little buggers have quietly crawled under the table to get at my unaware tootsies! LoL! I can't argue with that, because I did the same exact thing in my elementary school years! I loooooooved sneaking under tables to tickle feet, or tickle anybody's bare feet who left them hanging off the couch! Sorry, not sorry, it's totally ingrained in my DNA! And judging by the behavior of so many of the amazing kids in my life, plus what I see on Instagram from tickling parents (tickling their kids, or being the receiving end), a love of tickling is ingrained in a LOT of peoples' DNA! That's OK, though, keep laughing, and stay positive!

Exquisite cuteness, as an Instagrammer was playing with their child,
trapped his bare feet like this, in between her knees, and
posted this adorable pic before the feet tickling & the hysterical
laughter began! Love it! ..Go, mom, go! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer 2014's, "Bare Feet As Art", Best Of, Continued!

None only are those "barefoot sandals" beautiful,
those are also just spectacular bare feet,
in themselves! ..Easy to see how that
person landed the modeling gig! Perfection!
A wedding photographers incredibly original
& cute idea to get the bride & the groom both
BAREFOOT. I absolutely love this!
Bare feet, pool floating bliss! Holding onto summer!
     As summer, 2014, ends, and the first day of autumn settles in, I came across a few more BRILLIANT works of photographic art on the internet, combining bare feet, cuteness, ticklishness, lighting, tone, and anything else you wanna stuff into photography involving one of my most favorite topics on the planet: happy, bare, feet! (None of these are my original work, but all of the edits are my creative juices flowing) Enjoy, my friends! 

Puddle jumping barefoot! Love the
reflection effect!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer 2014's Best 'Bare Feet As Art' Photography Moments

Instagrammer's barefoot golf day in the Bahamas..
Sammie's beachin' bare feet
Instagrammer's poolside barefootin' chill time
My favorite photo this summer: The HAPPY,
positive mojo of relaxed, dangling
bare feet!
        As summer winds down and the kids all get ready for back to school, here are the best "Bare Feet As Art" photo moments that I personally came across this summer. Some are my shots, some are my friends' work, and some are examples that I came across on the 'net. ..But, ALL of them are pure BAREFOOT AWESOMENESS. Stay shoes-free, my friends!
Kristin's backyard bare feet relaxation.. And then
a visit from a "lady" friend! 

My Russian friend's Instagram, barefoot,
outdoors peacefulness! SO artistic!
..Keep 'em coming! You can never, ever have enough
"Bare Feet As Art" moments!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Casinos & Clubbin' Barefoot! Let's Party!

     Out of all the places that I've happily gone barefoot, I'll admit that I had never thought, not even for a second, that I'd be able to add any ritzy "casinos" to that silly list. Sure, I've strolled into college & high school classes, barefoot, back in the day, and gone into countless stores/businesses/libraries/etc., barefoot, too. ..And yes, it's well-documented how much that I love dancing & partying barefoot, ALL night, with my dates at various weddings & engagements. Shoes just suck, as they just trap & stifle your positive energy. Life is so much better barefoot, and that rule will never, ever change in my own personal experiences..
Barefoot strolls on marble floors.. STILL
     Rewind a few days, and myself and a bunch of friends had rented a few hotel rooms up at Foxwoods' Fox Tower because we were going up there for the Sammy Hagar, "History of Rock", concert, being that Sammy wasn't playing any NY-metro area shows. When we got there, I couldn't help but notice the immaculate & gorgeous marble floors that ran throughout the Fox Tower lobby, and throughout the three-hotel/multiple-casinos complex (the casino areas were all carpeted, but where there wasn't carpet, it was beautiful marble or tile work). I actually chuckled a little to myself thinking about how good those floors must feel to the bottoms of bare feet, making a mental note to find out at some point later on in the night. We drank copious amounts of Sammy's Cabo Wabo tequila, the concert was incredibly fun, and then we drank more tequila afterwards. At about 12:30 am, my three compatriots were all down for the count, unable to keep running on all cylinders with so much tequila in their systems. But me, I'm an animal, and tequila is like Popeye's spinach to me (adrenaline), so I shuffled down to the casino in t-shirt, blue jeans, and flip-flops, and sidled up to a roulette table. Played for about an hour, enjoying the free beers, when I noticed a girl walk by in a cocktail dress, but barefoot. Then another girl, no shoes in sight. I smiled, being the "CEO" of "Barefoot Nation", because I always love that "no shoes" stuff. Then another girl walked by, no shoes on, again. I'm not talking just 3 or 4 girls, now, there was about 15-20 different girls, all seemingly fairly tipsy, who apparently had been in any one of the casino dance-clubs, and had ditched their high heels to go barefoot at some point prior to me seeing them. I didn't see anyone reprimanding these girls for being barefoot either, so I thought, "I guess it's all good at this hour!"..Bet my last $25.00, and then it was time to go feel the caress of that smooth marble floor. Took off my flip-flops, and went for a very nice, drunken stroll, to walk barefoot on the marble, and go find a pizza kiosk still open at 2 am. And, as it would happen during my 30-minute walk, I came upon two barefoot, intoxicated girls, who thought that my "Rockstar" toes were "the coolest thing ever", and wanted to take a picture of my bare feet! No matter where I go, that one is a given!
     Not to be outdone, though, my other friends were vacationing in Las Vegas, and my original bare feet buddy (from our high school years), Mary, sent me a pic. She had been dancing, happily barefoot, until 6 am, including bare feet in the DJ booth! ..Yep, that's a WIN if ever there was one!

Mary's bathed in neon lights as bare feet reign supreme on a
Las Vegas dancefloor, AND in the DJ booth, too!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tales of the Ticklish 19: Tickling Mom & Dad's Feet, Running Away Very Fast!

The original version..
Cute bare feet, right?!..
     The human brain, and it's seemingly unlimited storage capacity.. Our biological version of the biggest computer hard drive that hasn't even been built yet. It's amazing how certain sights, smells, sounds, and tastes can, from out-of-nowhere, trigger such long-forgotten memories, immediately bringing them up to the surface, where you then remember every single detail & nuance of the event that happened so long ago. I've typed long and often in this ongoing, "Bare feet are awesome", blog about a silly, but irresistable, love of tickling bare feet, that I've had ever since I was a little kid. Bluntly put, an unbridled love of making people laugh, and a feeling that ticklish laughter is just some of the best, most soulful (or "sole-ful", if you're searching for a pun) laughter that you'll ever experience in your life. Well, cue the great memories once again..
..BUT, flip the photo 90 degrees, and
it's how my parents' bare feet would
look, hanging off the end of our couch! LOL!
     Recently, I saw this fantastic bare feet photo online, and I think it was from some bedding ad, showing a couple's bare feet sticking out from under the blankets. I immediately took notice, because the bottoms of cute bare feet always, immediately, conjure the word "tickle" in my brain, instantly forcing a smile to form on my lips! But, as I stared longer at the photo, something in my brain told me to flip it 90 degrees, so I did.. And, BOOM, there the memory was! I started laughing, literally out loud, at the vivid visual that came rushing back, now hoping that you'll laugh along with me.. This was how my parents bare feet would look, stacked up, as they laid together on the couch, watching TV, waaaaaaaaaay back in the late 1970's!
     My beloved Mom & Dad would always lay on the couch together, when I was 7 or 8, or maybe 9, years old, to watch TV in the late afternoons, or evenings, while I played with toys or read comic books. But they would always lay spoon-style (Dad in back of Mom, Mom at the front edge), and thus, their feet would hang off the end of this couch, almost exactly like pictured in the 2nd photo! More than once, 2nd or 3rd grade me would be walking by, catch sight of the bottoms of two pairs of bare feet set up, PERFECTLY, like this, and immediately go for the ticklish laughs! (I had watched enough Three Stooges, or Little Rascals, episodes to know that you're SUPPOSED to tickle any bare feet that you see!) The reactions, if I remember correctly, were always hilarious, as they would both spasm and lightly kick at my little, annoying, tickling fingers! My mother, who is as nuclear-ticklish in her arches as I am, would laugh hysterically, while my Dad would also laugh, but would also manage to squeeze in a warning of a severe butt-whipping, if I didn't stop! (That was actually one of the funnier parts of an already funny situation: My tougher-than-steel Dad, trying to growl a threat, while simultaneously laughing) It was only when Dad swung his legs off the couch to jump up, that I knew it was time to run away, as fast as I could! "Feets, don't fail me now!!" ..Still, the chance to make Mom & Dad laugh was always worth a crack across the ass for insubordination! To my young ears, ticklish feet laughter was better than hearing them laugh at any funny movie/TV scene, and it was better by a wide margin! Because it was me who was causing the laughter, not some actor or comedian! Great times, great memories, and a lifetime of love & laughs. Thanks, brain, for keeping that memory in storage! And, three cheers, as always, for ticklish bare feet! :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July, Barefoot Nation!

"America, F*** Yeah!"
..And to the nation as a whole! Wishing everyone, both happy barefooters AND you folks who insist on wearing shoes, a very joyous, very safe 4th of July! Thank you to our troops, for their continued service, and to all of our 1st responders, who don't get to take today off, instead working to keep the rest of us safe, sound, & secure! GOD BLESS THE USA! (...Yes, those are my toes, and yes, they STILL rock!)